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Be Awesome

My "Wednesdays" are 5K + Strength. (I'm using swimming as strength.) Today, was one of those days - I really didn't want to go to the pool. BUT... I convinced myself, and I ended up having a pretty good swim. I got in a 500 meter ITT @ 8:49 which knocked 10 seconds off my previous attempt a couple of weeks ago. So that felt good. I also banged out 3 x 100 repeats at 1:30, 1:36, 1:42 which was a tad faster than the last time I did that.

The training for the half-marathon is going pretty good. My snacking and boozing are pretty much in check (I'm down a few pounds). I did miss a few key workouts last week: 5K on Wednesday (due to a knee "twinge" after an over zealous Tuesday night treadmill-hill-run sequence), 5K on Saturday (too knackered due to big ass swim in the morning) and 90 minute run on Sunday (due to family commitments). But, I'm not sweating it. I'm on track so far this week, which included a bad-ass interval session yesterday: 6x400 meters @ 5K pace. (Wouldn't have been so bad, but I hadn't run that quick in a long while.) I'll manage an easy 5K on the treadmill tonight, and we'll tackle the tail of the week by the horns. Hopefully in some above zero temperatures.

Peace out!