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As it was at Esprit, so it shall be at
the Canadian. Sleeveless.
Last night's final swim was a huge confidence boost. All summer, I have been going back-and-forth over which wetsuit to wear. But, on top of that, I haven't been feeling particularly confident in my swim speed. Truth is, it seems it has been very choppy most of the open water swim sessions this year -- except for last night. It was almost dead calm.... finally.

I went with the sleeveless last night for a final comparison against Tuesday's swim with the full-suit. Immediately, I remembered the comfort and freedom of the sleeveless. It's obvious that it is better suited to my swimming style.

Numbers from last night, 1500m continuous swim (splits at 750m): 12:48*, 12:20 for a total of 25:08 (1:41/100m pace).

*stopped on the first lap to adjust goggles, but still kept the watch rolling.

Numbers from Tuesday night, same swim, fullsuit: 13:32, 14:02 for a total of 27:34 (1:50/100m pace).

Not only was the time difference significant, but I also felt much more in control in the sleeveless. I added an extra 750m at a dead-easy pace (no kicking, just slow, calm gliding) at 14:41 - which felt way slower than that even.

So, my mind has been made up. I am going sleeveless. And I am confident in at least a 1:50/100m final pace.

Bring it!

Coincidentally, swim splits calculated on