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Frozen Sole - Award Winning Run

Sort of to plan.

The plan this week was to take it easy for the first kilometer, ease into the second k, ratchet things up in the middle, and hammer it at the end.

K1 went according to plan. I was in control, and let the group I wanted to finish with/ahead of me (planned to reel them in and pass them around 7k mark).
K2 was pretty good.
K3 to 5 felt fine, but I should have gone faster. Actually these were mostly into the wind, and I was feeling pretty out of shape for these splits.
K6 was good, and I passed at least one of the people I wanted to.
K7 was too slow, I thought it was faster, but I couldn't go any faster (unable to bridge the gap to the runners I wanted to finish with).
K8 although it was my fastest, I didn't have anything else left. I was hoping I could have gone closer to 4 minutes.

Final time was 37:12. A minute and 20 seconds slower than last month (wind + fatness). Strangely still faster than last year though.

Custom knit Triathlon Toque
Yet despite all that, it was an award winning run, as I was Random Number 22, and thus the winner of the highly coveted custom knit triathlon toque. Pretty snazzy. Even snazzier, that Guylaine wanted it way more badly than I did, so easy Christmas shopping for me!