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5K Hurts!

Photo Credit: Richard Pilon

The 35th Annual Great Raisin River Foot Race

The goal was Sub 20:53 (my 5K Previous Best, set in 2008 at the 30th Annual Great Raisin River Foot Race).

The strategy: No stop watch... instead, I set my Countdown timer to 20:53. I forced myself not to look at it until the turnaround. The hope was that I would be either exactly half-way time-wise or be slightly ahead. And then for the last 2.5K I would just "will" myself to come in before the timer beeped - using the runners ahead to reel me in.

The reality: It was DAMN hard not to look at my watch for 1K and 2K. At the turnaround, I saw it was around 10:20 remaining... so there was a chance... but I was big time huffing and puffing, and deep in the hurt locker already. At the 3K marker, I  had only a hair over 8 minutes left, and I just lost it mentally. The wheels completely fell off at 4K with 3:50-something left. There was no one within bridging distance, and I had nothing left to give even if there was. I was about 200 meters from the finish when it started beeping, and I just held on hoping for a low 21:something.

The final result was 21:38. Bummer.

Funny thing, I was chatting with Ed Whitlock before the race, and he quite plainly said, "No, I don't think it will work."  Curse you Ed Whitlock, curse you!


5K "races" hurt too damn much! I'm pretty sure, this might be my last 5K.