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Cyclocross Cornwall Today!

You know what, I'm getting the hang of this. I almost did great today. Except that in the one spot where there was the slightest chance of going off course, I somehow managed to find myself right there all alone with no one in front to follow, and bang! I'm up over the hill, and then down and around, and then... huh... there's cyclists merging with me (!??).


And of course the first one there is my buddy, Benny. "HEY CHEATER!"

Well, I kept going, and at the timing station, I told them I missed a part of the course. "Don't worry, keep going." (I wasn't vying for points - just trying desperately not to be Last place AGAIN).

On the last lap, I did the section I previously missed twice for my own conscience.

Lap 1 - 14:46 (Slow and easy start for a change)
Lap 2 - 10:55 (DOH! Missed a small chunk of the course)
Lap 3 - 12:44 (Getting my groove on)
Lap 4 - 14:12 (Probably my best lap, plus I added the extra distance I accidentally lopped off on Lap 2)

Final time: 52:37 (-1 Lap) 63/82 GC  (12:36 avg for laps 2/3/4)

This race was seemed a lot easier than last year, the course was slightly different, I think it was actually a harder course.  Today seemed like a nice "ride in the park" compared to last week's event.

Andrew toughed it out for the whole race, and ended up fourth in his category and took 14 points in the series. (13 more than I'll ever see).

Way too fast for any camera to capture my image.

Andrew. Calm, cool, collected.... and stylish.

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