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Iron History + IMMT Prediction + Keys to success

Montreal Esprit20121:13:303:145:16:475:194:18:3810:57:28Super fit, started run too fast
Montreal Esprit20131:12:453:095:17:085:184:17:2710:55:47Less fit, still started run too fast
The Canadian20141:10:575:125:47:033:294:39:5811:45:58Long swim+bike, hot run, started run way  too fast
Challenge Cedar Point20151:08:317:565:35:112:234:10:0211:04:05Perfect race, faded on run. Long T1.
Michigan Titanium20171:08:561:415:43:56--06:54:34Aquabike only. Would not have been able to run IM marathon at this bike pace though
Ironman Mont Tremblant20181:08:003:006:00:003:004:15:0011:29:00"A" race scenario.

Training has been pretty similar year over year. The 20 weeks prior to 2-week taper for the past few events has been:

YearSwim TotalBike TotalRun Total

The biking this year has included better tempo, and more 140k+ rides. The running has also included more 20k+ runs than usual.

Keys to victory:

Taper --> don't go full glutton. easy on the drinking and snacking. respect the taper schedule.
Swim --> slot in with the 1:05ish group, find some feet and take as much free ride as possible.
T1 --> lube up ankles and wrists well for easy wetsuit strip, don't dilly-dally.
Bike --> respect the power, race your own race, don't get caught up leapfrogging, don't draft.
T2 --> keep calm, full change into running gear
Run --> easy on the first hills, stay conservative, 5:40 pace, don't walk the aid stations, don't give up, stay close to positive energy people.