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What the Heck just happend? Cornwall Triathlon Race Report 2016.

Firstly, this is not an excuse - BUT - I have been experiencing a weird foot injury for the last couple of months - fat pad syndrome - as a result, I have not been running very much. My running form is nothing near where it normally is. I have only run a total of 56 km in the 7 weeks since Challenge St. Andrews (July 10). My plan going into the race was to bike hard and hope for the best on the run.

Race Recap
We woke up according to plan and packed the van. It was pouring rain. This was going to suck. We arrived on site and set up, it started to clear up a bit, it stopped raining, and then it started again. Fudge.

The swim (2 x 750m loops)- after all the procrastinating, I finally made it down to the swim start to join Guylaine, and get set up in the water with about 4 minutes to go. The buoys were close to the shore, and it was congested - I figured it was going to be a rough start - but somehow still ended up on the first row for the swim. The horn went off, and strangely it wasn't rough at all. At about 100 meters, I could feel my bathing cap start to get ready to pop off - crap - I had put my goggle strap over the cap - if I loose the cap, I loose the googles. At 200 meters... Pop, off it went; I was able to grab my goggles and refix them, but the cap was heading off to Montreal without me. The river was calm, and sighting was good. On the first loop I was kind of in and out of a pack. On the second loop, I felt more like I was pulling a pack. I swam straight but was somewhat surprised when I got out of the water in 23:35. The course may have been a tad short, hey I'll take it.

T1 - Follow the red carpet - a new red carpet had been laid out for the run from swim out to transition. That was pretty neat. I skipped the wetsuit strippers, as I had only just noticed them once I had gone by them. I struggled a lot with my suit on the run through the field, I couldn't seem to get the zipper to cooperate. I had it all figured out by the time I got to my bike, and although I was a little slower than I thought, I was out and on the bike quickly enough. (1:55, we actually had timed transitions this year).

The bike (4x10km laps) - I had my feet on my shoes, and waited to get up to at least 25kph before I put my feet in. It had stopped raining, but the roads were slick. I hit the turnaround, seconds after someone had gone down hard.  That served as a precautionary tale for the rest of the day. Reinforced when I got to Nav Canada, just behind another wipe out. I wanted to average 34kph for the bike, and was really happy that I was maintaining a 35 kph through each lap. I had a weird wobble on the turnaround of my 3rd lap, but managed to keep it upright. The road had dried out more or less by the fourth loop. I wasn't tired at all, and felt great for the whole bike. Last year was a great weather day for the bike - despite the rain, it turned out pretty good again this year - the wind was only slight, and it felt more like a cross-wind, so it didn't slow you down in either direction.

T2 - I fumbled a bit with my shoes, and made the decision not to wear socks. (Oh boy, do I have blisters now).

The Run (1 x 10K out and back) - I didn't bring the Garmin for the run, I was going to split each km with my watch. I started the run, and knew I was going too fast; I forced myself to slow to a manageable pace. I didn't get the first split as my watch was messed up (I was able to back-calculate it afterwards), but my 2nd km was 4:40. This kind of surprised me, because I didn't think I'd be able to run that fast. For the next couple of kms I was splitting in the range of 4:40 to 4:50; and that's when the math started creeping in.  At 3K to go, I allowed myself to look at the time, if it was 10:42 or earlier (2:12 race time) - even if I slowed down to 6 minute km's I knew I would finish sub 2:30. Sunovagun, it was way under - at that time Guylaine passed me, she must have seen the discomfort on my face, "Forget about the pain" she said... meaning run hard and don't stop. I ran as well as I could, and couldn't believe it when I saw the finish line clock saying 2:23:something.

The Finish
Despite a relatively slow run (48 mins), I finished in 2:23:21 for a new course and distance PB for me. I was passed a lot on the run, and only passed one person. Luckily the person I passed was 3rd place in my category, so I ended up with an AG podium for the first time, and a coveted mug. Final stats: 17/111 OA, 13/63 Men, 3/27 M40-49.

My Cornwall Olympic Triathlon Progression

Nutrition Report
Breakfast - 50/50 bowl of Reeses Puffs and Honey Nut cheerios.
Pre-swim - 1 gel
Bike - 2 gels + 1 bottle of water
T2 - 1 gel
Run - water at most aid stations.

Bonus Round

Being presented with a special prize from Sportstats... I think I will write a blog post on this a bit later.

My mug in action.