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Maple City Triathlon Race Report

This triathlon is held in Ogdensburg, New York.  An hours drive, give or take. It's a grass roots event, with obvious buy-in from the community and the Town of Ogdensburg. It is USAT sanctioned (last year, it qualified me for USAT Olympic Distance Nationals because I finished top 10% in my age group... I was the only one in my age group, but USAT didn't care). And yes, the field is rather small; this year there were 35 Individuals and 15 relay teams. But don't let that fool you, the range of competitors ran the gammut from newbie first-timers to a Pro from Texas. This year's female winner of IMLP was there, as was a certain Triathlon Internet Celebrity (not me). The race is a Sprint Triathlon in the pure sense (750m swim, 20km bike and 5k run) - accurately measured - there's no du or aquabike, it's a triathlon, one event. It's electronically timed, and you get T1 and T2 splits. It is well run, with a good attention to detail.

My race? Well, last year, I was 4th overall for men, and I was determined to climb up on the podium this year. I knew the guy who finished first wouldn't be there this year, so this was my chance...?

Swim - a triangle of 750m, in a bay area of the St. Lawrence River. A third of which goes over a sand bar, where you could, if you wanted to stand up and take a break.

I started at the front, and made a mad dash for the first buoy. 100m in, it was obvious who I needed to tuck behind, and so I did... for the next 650m. Hit the swim out at 12 minutes and change. Great for me - especially considering the hard 1500m race I had swum the night before.

T1 - Even though I've been doing tris for 12 years, I still mess up. This time I forgot to reset my bike computer, and I had my gears set up wrong - big chain ring, little cog - from my last ride - This is why sprint tris are great learning / re-remebering exercises if your training for Ironman. In and out in 36 seconds - happy with my pre-race decision to body-glide my arms/wrists and ankles/calves so the wetsuit would strip off easier.

Bike - 20km - A 10k out and back on a rolling, not too busy highway. The key spots have State Troopers assigned to them to hold back traffic if need be. Passed 2 people, got passed by one. I re-remembered that grinding up hills isn't great - there's no shame in gearing up every once in a while. Final time was 34:42 @ 34.6kph.

T2 - Again, lots of re-remembering, I usually dismount with the shoes on the bike, but for some reason, I unclipped instead - this messed up my normal T2 routine, and seemed to take me forever to get going (actual time was 47 seconds).

Run 5K - an out and back on a recreation path. I'm in survival mode now, trying not to do my "classic Phil" and run too hard for the first 2K. I immediately decided to rip a gel, and probably wasn't the best timing, as the first water station was about at 750m and from T2 to that water station, the burning sensation of a Razzberry Razz sat in my esophagus for over 3 minutes. Ahh.. instant relief at the water station, as the cold water rinsed the gooey-gu. Out of T2, I knew I was in 4th spot, and I knew I was off the podium, my only hope was that one of the 3 in front blew up... they did not, and in fact, ran much faster than I did. I finished the run with 21:32; and a final time of 1:10:29.

But - I still got to stand on my very first legit podium. They re-jigged the awards this year. Top 3 relay teams, Top 3 Men Under 40 and 40+ and Top 3 Women Under 40 and 40+. So I was called up for 3rd place M40+. Guylaine, was top W40+ and earned a 26-er of Maple Syrup.

For me, this was a great race. It's a well run event and I highly recommend it.
Swim out
Bike In
Run out - smiling
Run in - not so much smiling (but having fun deep down inside)
M40+ Podium
Guylaine on top of the W40+ podium

The bounty
Official Splits
750m Swim - 12:54.19
T1 - 00:36.42
20K Bike - 34:42.11
T2 - 00:43.78
5K Run - 21:32.50
Final Time - 1:10:29.00