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Seriously, I hate 5K!

3 Barneses - 3 Medals
It was the 2nd Global Run 4 Water today. It's a small local run put on by friends of ours, for a good global cause. You can choose 5K run, or 6K cross-country run carrying 6L of water. I'm a wimp, so I chose 5K. After Williamstown this year, I swore off 5Ks, they hurt too darn much. I remembered that sentiment, 2K into this run. Boy, does 5K ever hurt. Anytime I run a 5K, I always try for a PB. I think those days are long over. I was deep in the hurt locker for this one.

Les Splits, via Garmin Forerunner 305:
1K 4:20.33
2K 4:21.43
3K 4:23.49
4K 4:33.90
5K 4:39.35 [22:18]
Last 109 meters to finish @ 0:31.07

Final time = 22:49. Bleh!

Got a silver medal though for second overall. Guylaine PB'd her 5K and took 1st place for the ladies, and Andrew cruised it for 3rd overall. Laura went to the movies to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Part 2.