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51 minutes and 25 seconds of Pain

There was a time, when this event was called the Fun Du. Over the years, the "fun" has somehow dropped from the title. But don't let that discourage you, the CMC fall duathlon (as with all CMC events) is fun. ... I guess fun is in the eye of the beholder. I had lots of "fun". It was a good "fun" day. But damn, I was happy when it was over. My CMC "fun" du was 51 minutes and 25 seconds of Pain.

T-minus 2 seconds... We were lined up, partaking in the the usual pre-event tom-foolery and chit-chat. The countdown hadn't started, I was turned 180 degrees chatting away. T-minus 1 second... still chatting away, no audible indication we were ready to go.


"Oh Jeesus!", and we were off. If I had a heart rate monitor it would have gone from zero to 220 in 0.01 seconds.

The CMC Fun Du in Long Sault has evolved into a formidable venue. I quite like it. The first kilometer, downhill. Very downhill. We hit the turnaround. Panting and completely out of control of my breath, I split the Timex.

3:38 !!!

"Oh Jesus!", and that set the tone for the rest of the day. As the first k is downhill, the second k is back up the hill. Gravity and fatigue added 20 seconds, and I tumbled into transition @ 7:37.

Clickety-Click, Barba-Trick, I'm on my bike and heading out. [oops] Race Director Rick, Referee Pat, Officials Dana and Tracey are all screaming at me, laughing and "tut-tutting". DQ! DQ! DQ! [I had my Johnny Brownlee moment, and I was mounted and peddling before "the line"].

The bike. I basically went full-gas, and then some. I could not have gone any faster. I was probably habitually a gear "too hard". My chest was heaving, and all I could do was try and convince myself... okay only 10 more minutes of pain, 6 minutes and it's over, 2 more minutes of pain, 1 more minute...

T2 - Like a Boss!

Final Run. That conversation. "Oh my god, this hurts so damn much! Jog it in, or go balls-out??? Oh what the hell, it's the last one of the year. Maybe, I'll set a PB." I was seemingly caught in a purgatorious situation -- no one within chasing distance, and no one chasing me. I just kept it up as long as I could.

Ecstatic to make the final turn for the last 100 meter stretch... Final Time: 51:25.

SplitsThis is Fun???

The best part, was Andrew got first-place for 1-10-2 and Guylaine got 3rd place overall for the womens, so we netted about $60 in Wendy's Gift-Cards and Gift-Certificates. Supper was on them!