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Race Report: The California Run 10K

When I was eleven years old, living in Brockville, I watched my Mom participate in the "California Run". This was a local 5K race, that at the time, to me, may have well as been the Boston Marathon. 5-kilometers! Can you ever imagine running that far!?!? I was in awe at the masses - the fifty or so that assembled on that rainy day was the largest group of runners I had ever seen together in one place. And MY mom was one of them! I was so proud.

Fast forward 26 years...

Dad, Mom, Me, Guylaine. Pre-race.
Guylaine and I made the trip down to Brockville, to help celebrate my Mom and Dad's graduation from their Learn-To-Run program (re-learn for Mom). The graduation race was the 2009 Edition of the California Run (so called, as a large portion of the run takes place on Brockville's California Boulevard). Mom and Dad were taking on the 5K, Guylaine and I the 10K. It was a gorgeous day for it - sunny and cool.

We lined up with the 170-or so other runners, and we were off!

My (secret) goal was to aim for 48 minutes. I was definitely hoping to best my MS-10K time. My new strategy is to intentionally seed myself towards the back, and take it very easy on the first kilometer - and then turn it up.

I was feeling really good for about the first 4 kilometers - and then around 5K, I started to get a stomach cramp and lost focus a bit. Towards 6K I was struggling with the cramp, and ended up tripping and rolling my ankle. Half-embarrassed, I soldiered on, the "angel" on my shoulder telling me to stop before I really hurt myself; the "devil" telling me to suck-it-up. I was about 96% ready to pack-it-up at the 6K mark, when a runner I had passed caught up to me. I'll stick with her for a bit and see how it goes. At 6.5K, I was getting pretty slow though. "Don't give up!" she said as she passed me by.

The encouragement worked. I kept on, and at the 7K mark, the cramp and ankle pain disappeared -- so off I went with a rush of renewed enthusiasm. I checked my watch, and figured I could probably beat 48 minutes.

The Splits:
01. 4:50
02. 4:22
03. 4:57
04. 4:25
05. 4:36
06. 4:51
07. 5:15
08. 4:29
09. 4:52
10. 4:26

Final Time: 47:07 (3 minutes better than last week!)

I finished 14th overall; but took first place in Men 30-39! Mom took 3rd place in her age group. Dad did well with a 28:something 5K, and Guylaine almost beat her 10K personal-best.