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Ladies and Gentlemen, Phil "The Thrill"

Phil "The Trhill", makes his one-and-only race appearance
Race Report: Victoria Day 5K Chase

It was a gorgeous Victoria Day morning; a little cool, yet bright and sunny. A perfect morning for a chase. An impromptu race, put on by the CMC. In a chase format: staggered age-group start times, derived (probably) by some high-tech scientific formula. First person to cross the line wins. Only one problem, my wave starts next-to-last. I'm going to need a little extra encouragement for the race so I channel, Phil "The Thrill".

At the start line, Phil "The Thrill" whips off his sweats at the last minute, pulls on his Afro-wig, and dons the silk cape of champions. And we're off! It didn't give me any rocket-booster energy, but it garnered a few laughs and if nothing else, some sympathy for Guylaine.

Final Chase Time: 28:50, for 25th/57. "Chip Time": 22:38, for 19th/57. Category position: 1/1 "Crazy dudes with afros wearing silk shorts and a robe".