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Race Report: CMC Fun Du 2008

It was a crisp, sunny, fall day. 10 degrees or so. Slight wind. The Cornwall masses amassed for one last duathlon of the season. The Cornwall Multisport Club's annual Fun-Du. This year's event was at a slightly different location. The Long Sault entrance to the Parkway, featuring runs towards and around "Island 17". 2K run, 15K bike, 4 k run.

The first run: We all take off downhill, in mad pursuit of the lanky 17 year old, eventual winner, who, in the future we're all going to be telling folks who'll listen 'honestly, I raced with that guy 15 years ago'. I split my watch at the 1K mark: 3:44.48. Either we're short, or I'm about ready to blow up! The second kilometer, uphill, 4:10.

T1: fast and furious. I'm not a fast runner, I'm not a fast cyclist, but I'm not bad in transitions. I beat out 2 or 3 guys who were ahead of me on the run.

The Bike: Bumpity, bump, bump. This is a far cry from the silky smooth pavement at the Montreal triathlon. Passed 4 times (by the female winner, as if I was standing still). I pass three of the fast runners, and try to pretend like I'm not anaerobic.

T2: Make up a few seconds on some folks that passed me on the bike. Got out just behind Rik. But, couldn't gap the distance.

Run 2: It's only 4 kilometers, I keep telling myself. But the first kilometer marker seemed like it took an eternigty to get to. I was chasing Rik like a rabbit, but that waskaly wabbit was getting away. I looked back at about 2K and could see some folks behind me. They looked far enough back. I was sure I could hold them off. Except, they were wicked fast runners: Jeff and Jacin. Again, passed like I was standing still. Finally, the finish line arrived! Phew. 13th overall with a time of 55:09.0

Post Script: Thanks to Joe - for shepherding us around the sink-hole, and for a great job as Race Director. And also, thanks to all the CMC volunteers and helpers. Especially Rob A. who, without his tireless dedication to the club, there would be no club.

Splits: Run 1+T1: 7:54 (3:57 pace) Bike+T2: 29:14 (30.8 km/hr) Run 2: 18:02 (4:30 pace)

Funniest Quote of the day: During the first run, we're running downhill, and an old guy with Bubble's glasses is coming up on his electric scooter, "Where the hell are you guys going!?!?!"