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An evening in Gatineau Park

Cyclists in Ottawa love Gatineau Park. With 1,000 meters in climbing, what's not to like?

Last night, after work, I did my first Complete loop of the park, including all the fun diversions (Pink, Fortune and Champlain).

It's hard to believe that until last night, I had not done a complete run through the park. Only bits and pieces.

I wasn't pushing it. Just out having a nice ride. Without further ado, I introduce Gatineau Park as seen through the eyes of a Garmin Forerunner 301.

The most recognizable GMAP route ever:

The Garmin Elevation profile actually looks pretty close:

Pink Lake Hill - the hardest, as it is the first and your legs are not warmed up. Again, I wasn't sprinting. Grade ~ 5.6%, time = 3:52 (parallel to wooden railings)

Fortune Climb - a little diversion. Again, not sprinting. 8/10 effort. Grade ~ 6.2%, time = 6:01 (to the end of the pavement of the upper parking lot)

Champlain Climb - a bit anti-climactic, I thought this would be hard, but it was just a nice roll.

The view from the lookout. Definitely worth it.

(Photo 'borrowed' from Flicker)