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Swimming Pace / Swim Calculator

Not long ago, I was reviewing the referrer logs for the blog, and it seems I was getting a lot of hits from Google searches for "Swim Calculator" or "Swim Pace" or "Swimming Distance Conversions". And a lot of the hits were going straight to my "Crooked Swimming Calculator" page - which although is useful, is probably not what these people were searching for.

Truth be told, the Triathlon Conversion Calculator or Triathlon Race Calculator (Metric Version) or (Imperial Version) can handle the swimming calculations. But, for a masters swimmer or a recreational swimmer, perhaps a dedicated tool could be used.

So, always the Excel nerd, similar to what I did for Treadmill Pace, I came up with something I like to call:

"The Official Triathlon Swim Pace Chart"

. What makes it "The Official" chart, is yet to be determined, but it sounds good.

Here's the link to a 16kb PDF file, for "The Official Triathlon Swim Pace Chart". It gives common triathlon target distances (400 m, 1/4 mile, 500 m, 750 m (common sprint), 1/2 mile, 1000 m, 1500 m (olympic), 1 mile, 1.2 miles (half-ironman 70.3), 2.4 miles (Ironman 140.6) and the resulting swim time based on your anticipated pace (in time per 100 meters or time per 100 yards).

Click the image to open the PDF file in a new window. Here's hoping you meet those race-time cut-offs! Or exit the swim portion and hit T1 with a smile.

Happy swimming, especially if you're wearing the new LZR Racer Fastskin suit from Speedo.