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Race Report: Glengarry 5K Run

I had all my excuses ready before the race even started: I'd been sick for the past 2 days, I was about 50% healthy on race day; I hadn't done any running in for ever; and my right foot still wasn't 100%.

But, strangely enough. I did not have to use any of the excuses. I ran pretty well. Not my absolute fastest, but as fast as I could run on that day, and probably the fastest I've run in a while. I even dipped into the highly uncomfortable zone for a few minutes in order to shave a few extra seconds.

Final time was 21:23.5 - Good enough for 11th overall (out of 66). But get this... 2nd in my age group. I couldn't believe it when they called my name for the medal, I actually asked the guy, "are you sure?"

The course was fairly flat and straight. It torments you a little at the end, because you can see the finish line clear as day from about 1.5 km out.

My splits:

1k: 4:07.85

2k: 4:13.58

2.5K: 2:10.04 (10.31.47 elapsed; 4:20 pace -> slowing down big time)

2.5K to [5K minus 1/2 mile] (I didn't notice the 3K or 4K marker, but there was a 1/2 mile turnaround for the 1 -mile race): 7:28.67 (4:24 pace)

Final 800m: 3:25.5 (4:16 pace -> digging in).

Is running on a full dose of Extra Strength Benilyn considered doping?? I sure hope not because I'd have to turn in my medal if so.

But enough about me. This race also marked Guylaine's first official race. Opting for the 10K - she managed an almost personal best for herself (56:43) - even though she forgot to take her planned pre-race energy gel.