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A History of Running (shoes)

I saw this post last week on another blog. So here's my version:

The Usual Suspects

My running career spans a mere 33 months. I've covered 2,442 km (1,517 miles), in the above shoes. Some, more than others.

2004 - Asics 1090 - I 'fitted' myself with these shoes based on my perceived running pronation. I got lucky. They were the right shoes, at a decent price. They are now relegated to my 'boat' shoes at work, and as such they smell something horrible.

2005 - Asics 1100 - The 2005 version of the 2004 shoe. Although quite different on the outside, and the sole, supposedly it's the same shoe. I was properly fitted for these at the Running Room. To date, these have been my favourite shoes. If I had access to 100 pairs - I would buy them right here, right now. I always felt confident in these shoes, and I produced some of my fastest splits. These shoes and I share a lot of good times. I installed Yankz in these shoes, and never regretted it. They are currently my 'garage' shoes.

2006 - Asics 1110 - The natural progression in the 1000 series, right? I'll get ahead of the game and buy 2 pairs. I hated these shoes. There was something wrong with them - at least, they were not intended for me and my running style. I would have sore feet and sore calfs every time I would run in these shoes. I abandoned them mid-season. Although not very stylish, they are currently my everyday, 'bumming' around shoes.

2006 - Asics DS Trainer XI - An emergency upgrade to the 1110 crisis. I needed new shoes, and badly. I worked with a Running Room specialist to properly assess my foot needs. I tried these on. They felt like slippers. Like a hot knife through butter. I have never worn more comfortable shoes. Extremely light, and well vented. Very pricey, I think they came in at $170 - but, not very durable - I'm sure the cushioning was worn down after only 300km. Unfortunately, overly flashy in appearance - these shoes will not see much of an afterlife - perhaps they will go directly to 'work' shoes or 'garden' shoes. Given price and (lack of) durability - I need to find a more affordable long-term option.

2007 - Asics 1120 - THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE! - I bought these, with an agreement from the guy at Athlete's World that I could bring these back no questions asked if they turned out to be bad like the 1110's. I've run twice in them: 5k and 10k - so far not bad. Not great like the 1100s. But not bad. I'm happy to be in a more affordable shoe.