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Race Report: Agape 10K Cross-Country Run

It wasn't an epic 60KM walk and it wasn't an Ironman Triathlon, but it was a race.

A new type of race for me... Cross Country. As in through the bush, over rocks and roots, through mud, gravel and grass. Twisty and turney, topsy and turvey. I was going to do the 5K race, opting for the shorter distance because of my uncertainty of even being able to run cross-country. I lost sleep worrying about it the night before.

When I arrived at the registration tent, they asked me which race 5K or 10K, and then it hit me... If I'm going to lose sleep for something, it's not going to be over 5K. "Uh, I think I'll try the 10K" -- Point of no return.

The venue: Grey's Creek conservation area. The place where I just happen to work. 2 Loops of a 5K trail. The first 800m or so is on road/path, the next 4K on trail, the last 200 meters over grass.

Fortunately/Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot of participants. I think we were 15 in total for the 10K. It started to rain, as we left the start line.

The run went really well. Kind of like a Formula 1 race. Pretty much everyone held their positions from the starting grid to the finish line. The speedsters went out in front. I was mid-pack. And led a couple other people around the first loop. I left them behind at 5K, and ran the second half by myself.

At the 7K mark, I was enjoying myself so much, that I actually felt a bit sad that the race would be over with soon.

Final time: 48:16, I think I was 6th overall. But, I got 2nd in my group - Men 34 and under. Hardware is hardware.

The splits: (courtesy of my trusty old Timex).

Km Split Km Split
1 0:04:39 6 0:04:20
2 0:04:49 7 0:04:51
3 0:04:55 8 0:05:07
4 0:05:25 9 0:05:35
5 0:04:20 10 0:04:13

I have a sneaking suspicion that lap 4/9 was longer than a kilometer and lap 5/10 a tad shorter.

Running cross country was kind of fun. Who knows maybe Xtrerra is calling????