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Treadmill Conversions

MPH to KM/hr to Min/Mile to Min/Kilometer ... and back again!

My new treadmill works in Miles and MPH only. My brain, unfortunately works in kilometers and km/hr only.

Some treadmills have a "magic-button-sequence" that converts from MPH to km/hr automatically - mine doesn't.

To help with my confusion - I created these charts that list speed in MPH, an equivalent km/hr speed, a Minutes/Mile Pace, a Minutes/Km pace, and the time it would take to finish the following distances: 3 miles, 5K, 8K (5 Miles), 10K, 1/2 Marathon and Full Marathon. I've printed mine out double-sided, and have it next to my treadmill (in a sweat-proof sheet protector!).

Download Pace Chart
Download the PDF here (new link as of February 2015).

Good Luck, happy training.