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Long Course vs Short Course... I smell another calculator coming....

I hit the pool again, for the first time in a long time for a lunch time swim. Just for fun, I decided to see where I stood in relation to my 500 meter time.

I clocked it today at 08:44 or 1:44 /100m, 1:35 /100yds (according to my Triathlon Conversion Calculator).

So not bad, considering my PB is 08:25 (set back in May, when I was big into the swimming). Plus, it was good to get back into the routine.

Now, the dilema is this: My pool is 25 YDS. 1000m is posted as 44 laps -- 500m, therefore should equal 22 laps. 22x25 = 550YDS = 502.92meters (so close enough).

BUT - as I have recently learned - there is a difference between Long Course meters and Short Course meters.

This calculator ( helps convert times for various events. For example, your 400 meter time in a 50 meter pool would be ZZ:ZZ if your 500 YD time was YY:YY

Long story short - if you swim 500m, you will swim it faster in a short pool than a long pool. I'm guessing because of the flipping action at the turns. This would explain my slower than expected 500m time in a sprint tri earlier in the year, where the swim was indoors. But, what I wanna know, is what is the formula to convert time for METERS swam in a 25YD pool to Meters in a 50 M pool. less mathematical news, last night, I changed my bike's back tire and am now officially ready for the MagTrainer season. (I didn't want to wear out my good racing tires).