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500m Swim TT

The 500m swim TT is a personal little fitness test I like to spring upon myself every once in a while. 500 meters is 20 lengths of a 25 meter pool. (Note that prior to 2006, most of the times were established at Champagne Bath pool in Ottawa which is a 25yd pool - 500m is approximately 22 lengths - of course there's a slight performance boost with the extra flip turns).

2020-02-080:07:55Nav - 25mMasters swim, no draft, choppy water, after a hard 1000m. PB.
2019-05-030:08:09Nav - 25mFelt good until 14th length; maybe lost a second stopping watch.
2018-09-190:07:59Nav - 25mNice. Probably closer to 7:58; took a bit to stop watch.
2018-02-070:07:57Nav - 25mWoah, not really trying too hard. Did this after a mid-paced 500m warm up
2017-11-160:08:08Nav - 25mSpur of the momement
2017-03-150:08:03Nav - 25mToo hard to start out. Garmin Splits (1:36/100m)
2016-11-040:07:58Nav - 25mPB! Garmin Splits (1:35/100m)
2015-10-090:08:10Nav - 25mShallow end pool clock
2015-07-090:08:10Nav - 25mLINK
2015-01-200:08:20Nav - 25mFeeling strong lately
2014-12-100:08:24Nav - 25mClassic Phil
2014-08-070:08:29Nav - 25mPool was empty, so I gave it a shot.
2014-06-250:08:20Nav - 25mFirst 500TT in a while. Felt relaxed. (evening swim)
2014-04-170:08:44Nav - 25mHaven't swum much the last 3 weeks.
2014-02-060:08:35Nav - 25m
2013-09-260:08:05Nav - 25mLINK
2013-09-170:08:29Nav - 25mSpur of the moment.
2013-03-210:08:28Nav - 25m
2012-04-300:08:35Nav - 25mLINK
2011-04-130:08:47Nav - 25mLINK
2011-02-160:08:49Nav - 25mLINK
2011-01-240:08:59Nav - 25mLINK
2010-01-120:08:23Nav - 25mLINK
2009-12-110:08:24Nav - 25mLINK
2009-11-270:08:35Nav - 25mLINK
2009-04-060:09:24Nav - 25mLINK
2008-09-120:08:37Nav - 25mLINK
2005-11-020:08:44Champagne - 25YdLINK
2005-05-190:08:30Champagne - 25YdLINK
2005-05-100:08:25Champagne - 25YdLINK
2005-05-030:08:44Champagne - 25YdLINK
2005-04-210:08:27Champagne - 25Yd
2005-04-080:08:36Champagne - 25Yd
2005-03-210:08:45Champagne - 25YdLINK
2005-03-150:08:34Champagne - 25YdLINK
2005-03-030:09:00Champagne - 25YdLINK
2005-02-210:09:10Champagne - 25YdLINK
2005-02-170:09:09Champagne - 25YdLINK