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CMC Super Sprint Triathlon

Since moving to Cornwall, our Multisport lifestyle has been amplified. Mostly because of the Cornwall Multisport Club, and the hundreds of like-minded members.

This past Sunday was the CMC's second annual Super Sprint Triathlon - fashioned after the Grand Prix Vegas style races:

Swim - Bike - Run - Repeat 3 times.

The venue was Nav Canada Complex. The swim is in the pool, the bike is 2 laps around the complex (roughly 1km per lap), and the run is just on the grassed area beside the complex.

The pool is a 5 lane, 25 meter pool. The swim starts off time-trial seeded. A swimmer each in lane 1 and lane 3. The gun goes off, you swim up and down in your lane, cross under the lane rope and back up and down the next lane - 100 meters total. Swim starts are staggered 10 seconds.

Next, you hit the transition area adjacent to the pool, mount the bike, and complete 2 clockwise loops around the completely smooth roadway around the building (The entire inside lane is coned-off, so no traffic to worry about). After the second loop, you transition to the run, 250 meters out and 250 meters back.

You're not done yet! You hit 2 tubs of water to rinse off your feet, and back in the pool for round 2... and we do it again... and again... and again. In total 4 sets of high-energy max VO2 fun.

It's a great event, some went all-out, some were out just to have fun, some just to shake off the rust. Of course there was no shortage of post-race snacks and goodies a Cornwall Multisport event is known for. And in true CMC fashion, there were as many volunteers as participants.

Thanks to everyone for helping out, and to all those who participate in these events. Without participants and volunteers, it wouldn't be any fun at all!

Andrew's GoPro Footage.

My final time was 39:55 (4th Overall).