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Victoria Day Chase - 2014

Now remember, I hate running 5K. It hurts too much. But, there's something about the Victoria Day Chase. Starting at the back has the advantage of sighting off of the slower runners in front, and using them to pull you in. I lined up again with the M40-44 corral, and got ready for two loops of Gray's Creek. Was a 21:XX in the cards? Certainly not a sub 21.(???) We would let it rip and see what happens.

I ended up with an official time of 21:19. Not too shabby. My 3rd fastest 5K run on record, just seven seconds behind the 2012 Victoria Day chase (which was several meters too short anyways).

It was a classic Phil race -- out way too fast, and then a slow and gradual decay until the ugly finish.

I continued the day with a hard 2 hour bike ride (into the wind both directions) and then, a solid sub-53 minute duathlon: The Victoria Day Double.