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Frozen Sole #4

The Frozen Sole 5-mile Race Series reconvened today, for round 4. We missed Round 3 due to the fact that we didn't feel like running in 2-feet of fresh wet snow. Today, as per usual, the weather held up to it's reputation: 1inch of fresh slippery snow, and wind gusts of 40kph to bring the wind chill down to -13. We're 3 weeks into our Around the Bay training schedule, and slowly (ever so slowly), my Christmas pounds are slipping away (I tipped in at 166.6 this morning). I was hoping to be faster, but it just wasn't so. I stayed in control for the first km, and felt pretty good for the next 5, but the last 2 were very long - and I just couldn't wait for it all to be over with.

Final time: 38:08 (fourth place overall).

The training peaks link...

Despite what the chart shows, I'm pretty sure I was in the 150-160 range for km#2 and not up to 190.