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MS Run 2013 - Half Marathon Race Report

The Splits, courtesy of Laura's Pink Timex Watch
Interesting, very interesting.

Final time was 1:38:02 (4:41 pace). 18th Overall, 6th M40-49 (Gosh darn fast M40-49).

I had no idea, that I had this much speed in me. Before the race, I said 1:45 would be good, anything less would be excellent and anything more would be bad. But when I said anything less, I was meaning 1:42:XX so 1:38 was a total shocker.

I played my new (soon to be permanent) strategy. Intentionally stay back (I was almost the last runner to leave), take the first 2 clicks nice and slow, and then gradually reel people in. It seemed to work out pretty good. I didn't get passed once, which is kind of nice.

A gel each at 7K and 15K, alternated water and Gatorade at each station (approximately 2.5k apart). I don't think I could have done anything differently. (Perhaps it would have been nice to open the suitcase of courage to shave off the last 2 or 3 seconds and go 1:37:59 -- oh well).

So where does this leave me for the marathon?? Double it and add 10 mins = 3:26:04 (hhahhahahaha not gonna happen!)

PS: Guylaine rocked the half also (within 20 seconds of her end-of-season PB last year). Andrew held a good pace, and bettered last year's season opener 5K by over 30 seconds... and Little Laura rocked a 5K PB by over 2 minutes running all by herself. Maw and Paw brought home silver medals for their 5K and 10K results too. A great day of running in Cornwall for the Barnes family.

The Flying Barneses - Laura, Andrew, Phil, Guylaine, Jennifer, Tony