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All the recent swimming nostalgia has caused me to re-open the "record books" and revisit some of my old PBs. It's been a while since I timed myself for 1500m pool swim, let alone a 1000m swim. So, today at lunch, blessed with a completely empty lane, I started the watch and went all-out.

500m @ 08:29 - 1:42/100m avg pace
1000m @ 17:06 (8:37 split) - 1:43/100m avg pace
1500m @ 25:58 (8:51 split) - 1:44 /100m avg pace *

Note - the swim was continuous, I didn't stop at each 500, I just split the watch and kept going.

So - 500m (wasn't trying for a PB) but came within 6 seconds anyways.
1000m - wasn't really thinking of a PB for this distance, but... Got it anyways (beat old time by 19 seconds).
1500m - the big daddy -- not only smoked my old time by 17 seconds, but considering the previous pb was set in a 25 yd pool (6 extra flip turns) -- I'll consider it a formidable achievement.

* full disclosure - 6 lengths of the final 500m were possibly draft assisted - the rest was 100% me.