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Mad Trapper Snowshoe Race

This race deserves a better race report than what I've got time to write up. Suffice to say, it kicked me in the butt... HARD.

Snowshoeing gets your heart rate up FAST. About 20 minutes into it I thought I was going to die. I did the 10K route (2 x 5K loops). This was the "Flatter" course (flatter, as in, not as hilly as the Rocky Mountains; only about 300m of vertical climbing per loop). With no mile markers, and no experience on this course, I had no idea where I was. The first loop (5K) took 44:50. I spontaneously started laughing uncontrollably and hysterically when I saw the finish line for the second time. After 1:33:03, I was ready to come in!

Would I do it again - my immediate reaction was "No F***g way". My legs were completely fried for 3 days afterwards. But, as is normally the case, 5 days later, I'm thinking... Can't wait for the Hilly course.

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