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It's all about the photo

It doesn't matter how fast, or how slow you are. It's all about how fast you look in the photo. Exhibit A: Me at the Cornwall Triathlon yesterday. Slowest bike split ever = best bike photo.

Photo Credit: Richard Pilon.

Les Splits

1500m Swim: 30:50 (2:03/100m); T1: 2:18; 40K Bike: 1:23:21 (28.8km/hr); T2: 0:30; 10K Run: 48:43 (4:52/km)

Final Time: 2:45:11, 43/75 Overall, 11/14 M30-39

  • Swim felt good, surprised so slow, maybe a tad choppy
  • T1 - slow, missed my rack took too long catching my breath
  • Bike, couldn't get my mojo going; slick and wet
  • T2 - fast
  • Run - felt good, didn't give up, kept running, dug into the suitcase of courage (just a little)
  • Overall - As good as I could have done. Didn't give up. Lost a bit of focus in T1.