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Too much to blog about

1. HARDWARE - Agape 5K Cross-Country Run, 4th Overall; 3rd AG (Men 35+); 25:36.

2. SB @ 5K - 22:03 - CMC Poker/Prediction Run. Predicted time = 23:00 and that was pie-in-the-sky, so overall pretty pleased that after a month's worth of gluttony and neglected training , I can pull of a close to Whitlockian 5K times.

3. Whitlock.... Silverlocks Whitlock. Having a friend who's a graphic designer... priceless.

I guess, I gotta start training again!

4. Open water swimming has started. I do love the smell of neoprene... although by now my longsleeve suit is almost only 50% rubber and 50% rubber cement. It did hold though, and 60*F wasn't as nearly bad as it could have been. I'm toying with going sleeveless next week. My new XTERRA was longing to be tried out.

5. Duathlon last night. 2-15-4. Letting it "Rip". Pretty pleased with the time of 54:01.34; 3 minutes faster than last week. Almost a PR on the bike-split (benefited from a few favourable, still legal, sling-shots). Only a few seconds slower than last year's best.

6. Happy belated father's day to me!