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Victoria Day Chase

Despite, my buddy Hal Higdon's advice, I let it rip today. "Cross-train or rest, preferably the latter." was Hal's advice for today. Well, I let it rip .. at least for the first 300 meters and then I realised I was going to overheat. So I tried to keep it in check. It was tradition after-all: the Club's 2nd Annual Victoria Day Chase. Yet again, I channeled Phil "the Thrill" for a 5K jaunt in the park.

Final time 22:25 (13 seconds faster than last year!): 4:07, 4:24, 4:27, 4:50, 4:35.

Not bad considering... maybe after the marathon, I'll work to get 5K down under 21 again. (and put an end to all the smack-talk Whitlock's been spouting).