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2010 Run to End MS - Half Marathon Report

Balls to the Wall was the plan. But I didn't really know what that meant. I was going to try and run fast... but just how fast was fast?

I was pre-occupied with pre-race chatter and had to make a sprint to the bathroom, only to arrive at the start line with about 30 seconds to spare. I nestled in the middle. Jen S was there - "What are you aiming for today?" - "Under 1:42" - That sounded perfect to me, and a plan was hatched: Stick to Jen like glue.

Queue the Rocky music, and boom, off we went. SWIFTLY. The Garmin chirped 4:34 at 1K. I was either going to shatter 1:42 or blow up at 5K. Kilometer 2 @ 4:32. Jeezus. Well, we've got time in the bank! We slowed to 4:45s and I held on for as long as I could.

Kilometer 13 was slightly downhill, but too fast for me to stick with Jen. I walked through the water station at this point, and dropped into a "jog". I tried to keep it under 5:00 pace. KM 20 was pretty tough, and I let up a little mentally, I could have "pushed" it a little more here, and gone sub 1:42. Oh well.

From about 50 feet away, I saw the finish line clock roll over 1:42, and I had a momentary depression. But that was extremely short lived, as what seemed like the entire LTR class cheered me in to the finish line.

It was a great day for racing. Really, I would have been happy with 1:45. Beating my previous best (by 20 seconds) was pretty sweet too. Although I "blew up", it was kind of a controlled "blow up", and it didn't bother me in the least.

Official Time: 1:42:11.7 (4:51 Pace); 20/54 Overall; 6/10 Men 30 - 39; 17/32 Men

The finish line is 100 meters away; I'm running my fastest here.

This was a good confidence booster for the marathon. Before this race, I was Definitely doubting my ability to hold 5:20 pace for 42K. Now, I'm pretty sure, I can hold it until I meet Mr. Wall.

Always willing to try something new on Race Day, I discovered that Gu Chomps are probably not great for running with. Little Zingy remnants were constantly tickling the back of my throat, but at least they tasted better than the 3 bugs that I (not intentionally) ate along the canal.