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I went for my first hard-ride today. The Long Sault Parkway. 1 easy loop, 1 hard loop, 1 half loop for recovery. I was nervous. The ride was sure to expose a long winter of lethargy. It did not disappoint. In the past, I could have blamed my slow time on the wind (and it was brutal today, on the "outward" bound). Alas, with today's technology, especially Power Tap pedals, the wind is no longer an excuse.

There's a Strava segment I have been chipping away at, the MEC Sprint Triathlon. Almost 20K. Half into the wind, half with the wind at your back. Previous best, Sept 8, 2016: 31:43, 36.5 kph average, 216 Watts. Today: 35:45, 32.4 kph average, 184 Watts. Gulp. I'm not even going to dignify that with a W/kg analysis owing to the fact I am higher in the kg right now.

Despite the suck, I was still proud that I felt I was giving it 110%. I could not have gone faster today. If nothing else, the baseline has been set. Let the season begin.