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Year in Review 2016

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. As 2016 draws to an end here is an annual introspective of the year that was.

A) Awarded Cornwall Multisport Club Member of the Year - an honour I accepted, not necessarily for a marquee year of involvement, but as a culmination of the past 10 years. This year was noteworthy for some club members for the MS marathon being brought to town, it's certification as a Boston Qualifier and my involvement in that.

B) Being awarded a set of Power Tap P1 Pedals from Sportstats was an unexpected coup. It's funny to think that these pedals are worth more than most bikes. It's a prize I appreciate and have put to use. They have brought a new dimension to cycling analysis - hopefully I will learn enough from them to make a difference in my training and racing in the years to come.

C) This is a great picture taken at the Run to endMS Marathon. It really was amazing that we could bring this event to life, and that the local community supported it and made it a success. I'm pictured here leading a small group which consisted of most our regular Sunday group (Guylaine, Kim, Kathy, Rafeek). We sold out the event in year 1, and so far for year 2 (having doubled the number of spots, we have exceeded last year's registration and are almost sold out again).

D) Hallelujah! Finally my own Cornwall Triathlon mug for placing 3rd out of 25 in the M40-49 category. But on top of that hitting a personal best, not just for the Cornwall Tri, but for an Olympic Triathlon.. 2:23:21 (despite a slower than normal run because of bad feet!).

E) This pic was taken at the B@@r Mile.  But it represents a great year of fun and camaraderie with the Cornwall Multisport Club. We had a great spring training session with 2000m swim, 245K bike and 61K run over a weekend; Canada Day training; many good Frozen Sole runs and group runs throughout the winter; Hash House Harrier runs; Club parties; Polar Bear Dip and much more. A great group of folks for sure.

F) My cycling was all over the map this year. I had a love-hate relationship with the bike. But, I managed some formidable efforts - partly due to new training aids (Power Tap, Strava, and new aero helmet). I had a spectacular solo ride from Ogdensburg to Cornwall, various max FTP efforts on the Long Sault Parkway, a great training climb on the Duplesis hills of Tremblant, and an outstanding solo bike effort at the Barrelman aquabike - averaging 36 kph for 89 km.

G) The MS Marathon was all-kinds of rewarding; however, a small snag prevented Guylaine from achieving her goal for a BQ. She turned it all around by the end of the season and at the Hamilton Road2Hope got her BQ with 2 minutes and 7 seconds to spare. We will get to Boston eventually!

H) Challenge St-Andrews was an interesting event. I was low on mojo the week before going into it, but somehow, manged to turn it around. I had an unexpectedly great race. The weather was horrible, but it didn't stop me from having a formidable swim, a smart bike, and unusual for me - a solid - well paced run. I started the run with one goal 1:45 for the half-marathon, that meant 5:00 pace, and I nailed it. When it was all put together, I managed to get a PB for a half-ironman on an early-season race on a challenging course - I'll take it!

The glum side of getting old...
Injuries took their toll on me this year. The start of the year was a write off for swimming, as my shoulder was messed up with a pinched nerve. It took until mid-March before I was regularly back in the water. But worst of all, this year was the year of the fatpad/plantar fasciitis. I'm not sure what brought it on but running has been nearly nill since the summer. This meant sitting out the Maple City Triathlon, and Raisin River footrace, as well as relegating Barrelman to the aquabike. Hopefully I will recover next year - as I actually am starting to miss running!

PBs this year:
Half Ironman - Challenge St. Andrews  - 5:13:36
Olympic Triathlon - Cornwall Triathlon - 2:23:22
500m Swim TT - Nav Can Pool - 07:58 (1:35/100m)
Frozen Sole 5 mile - 0:35:31 (4:27/km)

Close Calls:
Weekly du - Bike Split - 0:24:30 - 2nd fastest
Weekly du - Overall time - 0:51:04 - 9th fastest (but 10 seconds outside of Top 6).

New Metric
2016 Max 20 minute cycling power - 236 Watts, August 15th Du.

2016 Training Log Numbers
Swim x 87 = 235,700 meters
Bike x 101 = 4,845 km
Run x 143 = 1,301
Total Distance moved = 6,381.7 km.