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Challenge Cedar Point - The Ironman Scenarios

When I first signed up for this event, I was hoping to go under 11:30. That was based on a smart run, and an acceptance that the bike would not be as easy as The Canadian was. Thinking back, the bike for the Canadian last year was on crappy road conditions, and with a significant enough wind blowing the wrong way to really slow down that course (i.e. I've got much faster on that same course for the Half-Iron and Olympic events). That said, I think I can still hold 32 kph for Cedar Point. The thing that hurt me the most last year at the Canadian, was my total brain fart on run-pacing - I will not make that mistake again this year. So all that said, I am officially going on the record with a possible chance of going under 11 hours. (On a perfect day).

Swim @ 1:40/100m: I've been swimming really well lately. Last year my "real" Canadian swim pace was 1:40 over 4.2km; granted the water was super calm, but I was the lead swimmer with no draft. I'm hoping for a little draft pack this year, and I'll concede that the water won't be dead calm.

Transitions: This is the wild card. I don't normally dilly-dally, but they make you go through the transition tents at Cedar Point, and you have all your gear in separate bags. They're not particularly long, but I'll give myself 4 minutes each.

Run: My ACE in the hole this year(?) I will not exceed 5:40/km pace for the first half. Hopefully, that will be enough to put in a solid 4 hour run. More than going sub-whatever on the day, my A goal this year, is to have the perfect Ironman run at 4 hours even. 5:40 pace. Not 4:50 pace like last year.

"A" Scenario on the left: 10:57:58.
"B" Scenario on the right: 11:32:18.

Horsing around at the Labour Day 5K Chase today. 1, 2 and 3 kms at 5:40 pace exactly. 4K at 4:01 (feeling antsy), last kilometer, I jogged it with Laura.

5AM update...

Bib number list was just posted. I will be #668; Guylaine will be #572.
And, because I have an Excel problem, I had to arrange them all by event...