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Cornwall Triathlon Prediction

In 2012, I almost achieved Nirvana. I was 1 minute and 41 seconds over my precious sub-2:30 goal for an Olympic Triathlon. Looking back, this was my most satisfying performance in an Olympic Triathlon - the run in particular stood out as being exceptional. In 2013, I blew it on the run; my ego got the better of me running sub 4 minute pace out of T2. The bike was slower in 2013 too with more wind to contend with.

I will race smarter this year and I will break 2:30. Here's why:

1) Swim - I have erred in the past thinking that my sleeveless wetsuit was just as fast as a sleeved wetsuit. I have seen the light and the conventional wisdom, and measured swim pace with and without sleeves. Sleeves are faster. I will wear sleeves this year. On top of that, my swim form is the best it has been in a while. I did well at the CMC open water swim with a balls-out time of 23:50 with little draft, and followed it up with a 12-something hard 750m the next day at the Maple City Triathlon.

2) Bike - New bike, new wheels, I will target 32kph and not let up. I will setup my Garmin so that the only field is Avg Speed and I will keep 32 (more if there's more). There is also about 20% fresh asphalt on this years course: sweet.

3) Run - The wild card. I will hold back out of T2, and build towards 4:30 pace. That is a tough standalone pace for me, but again I managed 21:32 on an accurate and hot Maple City 5K course earlier this year. 45:30 isn't too far off.