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New Toy! Garmin Forerunner 910XT (and a near miss on PR for 500m swim TT)

For some reason, Best Buy had a brand new Garmin Forerunner 910XT on sale for $199. I grabbed it.

And, already today, I have Biked, Run and Swam with it.Not necessarily by design. I double flatted 8K into my early morning bike ride. I hobbled home, and took out my other bike, but the Mojo was gone, and headed back home after 7K for a 6K run instead.

Having run in the morning, I opted for a swim at lunch.... and so while we've got fancy new toys, why not a 500 meter time-trial.

Pretty neat stats for indoor swimming.

And so, pretty pleased with my TT effort, just missing a PB by 5 seconds, I threw in a 100m IM for good measure...

It recognized the different strokes (except for Backstroke, it thought that was Freestyle - I manually edited that line). Funny to see my last 25 meters of Freestyle only burned 5 calories.