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May - Big Ol' update

Thirty-eight years from now, when I look back on this blog, I'll probably think nothing happened in the month of May 2015. Well, some things did happen, and here they are:

The Spring Fun-Du (May 5, 2015)
The now annual 2-15-4 spring dust of the rust and give it all you've got duathlon baseline test. Sub-53 would be "Gold Star" standard for me, and was of course the goal... the reality: 53:30. I had a pretty good effort; restrained myself on purpose for the first run (7:58); rode as hard as I could (27:06) on limited bike fitness and then gently came apart on the second run (17:52). Not bad though, 48 seconds faster than the 2012 edition.

All smiles at the end of the Spring Fun Du

Cornwall Lions Club Awards (May 13, 2015)
Guylaine was awarded Triathlete of the Year at the annual Cornwall Lions Club sports awards night. Sweet!

Big Trophy and "Keeper" Plaque

The Victoria Day Chase (May 18, 2015)
This "chase" format race is my annual 5K fitness check-up. More often than not, it is also my reminder on how not to run a race. And this year didn't disappoint. My goal for a 5K race, is always to try and PB, or go as close to 21 minutes as possible. I lined up on Monday morning, fresh as a daisy without having spent any time stressing or planning a strategy. My mind went to mush as I tried to remember what 21minute splits looked like - so when it was time to go, I just ran hard...

... too hard... and naturally blew up. At 3.5K I was cooked and just praying for it to be over. The splits went like this:

SplitLapCumulative PaceProjected Finish

Bleh. Oh well. In retrospect, I should have planned the splits, and taken it easy at the start. But, after all it was just a fun club run.

This run ranks as my 9th out of 16 (hard) 5Ks - sandwiched between the 2010 and 2013 Great Raisin River Foot Races. The good news is that I'm still hovering mid-21s.

A Return to Tupper Lake (May 20, 2015)
We pulled the trigger and registered for the Tupper Lake Tinman Half-Ironman. It was hovering there as a possibility for a while, but I was holding off thinking I wouldn't be bike-ready. Since then we did a few 80K rides and I figured.... why not. June 27 is race-day.
A new family member (May 22, 2015)

A New, New P2 =)

Almost Famous (May 26, 2015)
Upon returning from a night out to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary, we were amused to see Facebook buzzing (okay, maybe not buzzing, but a few likes and a share) of an article written on the Barnes Family by Challenge. They had contacted us in April and followed up in May about writing an article on us as they tought the whole family participating at Cedar Point was pretty interesting.

In Conclusion
And finally, just in case (when I look back on this in 38 years), here were the May 2015 training totals:

...and the excuses --- it has been Cold and Windy! Biking has been hit-and-miss; mostly miss - especially Monday night duathlons which were all a miss in May.