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500m TT (why not)

NavFit Pool, Cornwall

The 500m swim TT is a personal little fitness test I like to spring upon myself every once in a while. 500 meters is 20 lengths of a 25 meter pool. I've been tracking my progress over time at this link.

While getting changed for the pool today at lunch, I thought, why not.

Good news. The pool wasn't busy. All of lane 1 to myself.

How it played out.

1st hundred 1:30 (too fast)
250 mark @ 4:00 (1:36/100m; but 1:40/100 for the last 150m).
500m @ 8:24 (1:41/100; but 1:46/100 for the last 250m).

Classic Phil.

8:24 Final time.

Tied for fourth best recorded effort, not bad. Only 4 seconds slower than season's best this year. This was my PB time from 5 years ago. In a way it's nice to see I'm not slowing down... but then again, not getting much better.

One day, I will take my time at the start, add speed in the middle and finish strong. One day.