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Pro Goo

The 5th edition of the Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal, UCI WorldTour event was held last Sunday in Montreal. The boys and I made our annual pilgrimage. It was actually only my third time at the race (Esprit always seem to get in the way - but not this year).

I took our "good" camera and got lots of action shots - but alas, I suck at photography, and none of the shots have any value.  As we walked around the 12 km circuit (of which they ride 15 times), I began noticing the discarded gel packets. No this isn't a rant about littering... I'd like to think that there is a sweeping unit that picks up after the race. This is a photo documentary of new-to-me Gels and Goos... and a little something else...

What sort of interested me, is that it's obvious the euro-teams bring their own euro-goo with them. The packaging is also interesting to me, in that it is clearly longer and narrower than North American gels (ala Gu, Cliff Shots, LG etc. which tend to be shorter and stubbier).

Then there was this. I'm not saying anything, other than, it was found at the side of the race course amongst the other gel wrappers. It was labelled, "Test Product Top Speed". There were a few mL of pink fluid inside that was very sweet smelling.

And finally, here are some shots to prove I was really there. First, an interesting mixture of pro Cervelos. Two S3s, an R5,  and an S5. Conservative estimate $45K for the bunch.

And, a shot of the winner, Simon Gerrans. Whom, I was the last one to wish good luck... and low and behold, he ended up winning.