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Vortex Sleeveless vs Vector Pro Full

Open water swimming season has finally arrived. I have been enjoying my Xterra Vortex 3 Sleeveless suit for a couple of years now, but I have always had that nagging feeling that perhaps it wasn't as fast as a full sleeve wetsuit. This year, I treated myself to a new fullsuit, an Xterra Vector Pro 3.

Week 1 - I used new full-sleeve suit, and went for  a 1500m non-stop swim (2 x 750m loops). My total time was 28:42.

Week 2 - I used my old sleeveless, and recreated the same 1500m non-stop swim. My total time was 28:02. Both weeks, I made sure to do 100% of the effort by myself (i.e. swam alone without a draft)

Also, both weeks, I took a breather after the 1500m and went out for two more 750m loops.  Which apart from getting a debilitating cramp this week, the lap times were pretty close.

Conclusions: Both suits are close... although, I do think I pushing harder on Week 2 in my sleeveless, just to see if I could beat last week's time. I will try two more sets each before making a final conclusion.

**** UPDATE **** (July 18)

Did another swim in the sleeveless:
13:50, 14:25 (28:15), 14:40.

Will put the full sleeve on next week.