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Brooks Ghost 7 - Whoa!

Brooks Ghost 7 (2014)
It is very rare that I will rave about a product. For me to rave about something, it has to be something special. Well, consider the Brooks Ghost 7's special, 'cause I'm raving about them.

I just got back from my 3rd run with them; a normal, slow-paced, 8K training run. Hot Dam! These things don't want to go slow. It was like they had a mind of their own. They took off up hills, they accelerated down hills, they passed with authority, they were amazing.

Comfort - very much much so. Style - not so much; but Love is blind.

The first run was Monday night, straight out of the box, at the weekly duathlon - where I set a PR. The first 2K run was my second fastest out of 70+ prior attempts; my last 4K run was the fastest, and by 25 seconds.

DateRun 1 (2K)T1Bike (15K)T2Run 2 (4K)TotalComment
2014-07-1407:5600:2324:4000:2216:220:49:44PB! Awesome. No wind on bike. Ran hard. Felt good.

I was an owner of the original Brooks Ghost, several years ago; and I obviously liked them, because I also went through several pairs of Brooks Ghost 2's (even when they were long discontinued, I hunted them out on online outlets). When the stock was exhausted, I didn't make the continuation to 3s, as the price had creeped up over $149 (Cad). That's when I was seduced by the NB750R1s... of which I went through at least 4 pairs, and a set of R2s.

Enter the Ghost 7's at a super deal (~ $125 at Bushtukah with the Cornwall Multisport Club discount). I bought two pairs so I am looking forward to 1000k+ of sweet, fast, comfortable running!