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Woo Hoo. PB at the Du

The problem with setting a new PB, is that it becomes all that much more harder to beat. This one may stand the test of time. The conditions seemed perfect.*

*except that I did bring, by accident one of Andrew's shoes and one of my own. At least they were a right and left match, except his was a size 8-1/2 and mine are a 10-1/2. My right foot may never forgive me for this mistake.

I wore the garmin and heart rate monitor for fun, but I forgot to put it in Multisport mode, so I'll have to manually parse out the run and bike segments... or not... depending on how much free time I have. Average heart rate was 153, max was 166. Surprising to see relatively low heart rate during the bike.

R1 @ 8:09.8, T1 @ 0:21.6, B @ 24:32.0, T2 @ 0:25.6, R2 @ 16:47.8 for a total of 50:17