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Riding Mont Tremblant + Gran Fondo

We spent a nice long weekend in Mont Tremblant. 242Km total cycling - including 2x Ironman loops and the Medio Fondo. I will say that the Ironman course is deceivingly tough. The first 20K is tricky, the middle 50K is pleasant with a good climb, but the last 20K is just down-right insultingly tricky.  We did the Medio Fondo too. The shorter (only 80K) version of the Gran Fondo. I must admit, it wasn't much fun. There were 80 or so in our peloton, with a diverse group of avid to beginner cyclists. The one nice part was at 35K, they let us race to the top of a hill, a 7K total stretch, with a timing station at the top... The prize... bragging rights, well, I'm cashing in my bragging rights, 'cause I won it*.

*Actually, I was second over the top, I almost caught the lead guy, but I just ran out of room. I didn't realize until they published the results, that it was time-trial timing, and since I started after him, I actually ended up beating him.

The town really likes the cyclists.

Probably after several "micro-brasserie calorie replenishers"

After some shrinking paste

Corn Man! He is your friend and enemy. The first time you see Corn Man, he lets you know that you made it down the big hill safely. The next time you see Corn Man, he reminds you that you have to climb back up that big hill again!

Testing out new shoes from the expo.

Funny picture, I forget what it said.

Peleton 1 takes off
Bragging Rights - King of the Mountain, Peleton #6. . Peleton 1 winner got a polka-dot jersey for KOM.