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First Hard Du: Sub-53

Sub-53 for the weekly duathlon used to be my "Amateur Triathlete Gold Standard". I may have to re-evaluate that. Tonight, the first du of the year, I was able to grunt out a 52:37. The first run was "slow"(-er than normal), the bike portion was "fast" (-er than normal), and the second run didn't fall to sh*t even though I basically have no speed form. It must be a good solid off-season of Turbo Crank indoor cycling that fueled the bike.

As much as I love the weekly duathlon, I almost didn't even go tonight. I've been nursing a 2-day migraine. The only time prior to tonight where my head didn't hurt was during a long Sunday run with Guylaine. When I got home from work tonight, Andrew was all pumped up to go to the duathlon, and I didn't have the heart to say, "no". I hoped the exercise would numb the migraine again .. oddly enough it did (oh don't worry, it's back now though).

TriCalc3 Screen Shot of my Duathlon Splits, summed up using the "Time Calc" feature off the main menu. The best time addition app to easily add and average splits using h:mm:ss.0 format.