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Hello, I'm Dumb Ass

SO - Around the Bay is THIS Sunday.I haven't particularly felt "ready" for this event at all. I've pretty much stuck to the training plan - but I didn't feel I had any good "tempo" runs in to test the speed. This past weekend we were away, so I did my Sunday long run on Monday night. It was supposed to be an easy 13K. Somewhere, somehow, I ended up doing a hilly 18K at RACE PACE. My legs are still sore. I didn't run yesterday, and just did an "easy" 5K today, but I think I may have totally botched things up. We will have to see.

My goal for this event is 2:30. And based on McMillan, it should be almost possible.. that is to say, I think that right now, I could run a 46:03 10K and come close to a 1:43 half-marathon.

Oh yeah, but the hills.