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Time Calc

Just when you thought couldn't get any better. A NEW widget is added: Time Calc. Time Calc is a simple Time Adding app that works inside of TriCalc3 (The Ultimate Triathlon Calculator).  Time Calc is a free, simple, on-line calculator for adding time. It is able to compute the sum of up to 10 time lap splits. The input and output format is h:mm:ss.0. It outputs the running total time, and the average time. The code and CSS has been optimized for iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android, Samsung, Google Play, HTC and Blackberry.

Screen Capture of Time Calc, running inside of TriCalc3.
This is an HTML optimized web-app that does not need to be installed via Google Play or iTunes. All you need to do is open the app in a browser, and then use your device's ADD TO HOMESCREEN feature.

Here is a direct link to Time Calc.

For the complete experience, go to the TriCalc3 web-site at