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20 minute FTP Test tonight on the trainer with Team Turbo Crank. Here's the legs were tired way before my heart. I noticed that I averaged in the 205-ish Watts range on the power meter, I started higher (220+), and dropped to 195 after about 12 mins but then recovered to 200-ish near the end. I think my cardio could have gone higher but my legs were so tired.

This was a pretty good baseline since I've not done any real cycling in almost 2 months. Hopefully, the watts and heart rate will go up when we re-test after Christmas.

Here's the full Training Peaks Picture. (Well, actually, I started my watch about 10 minutes into the warm up, so I missed that part).

Turbo Crank even provided the Puke Buckets... just in case.


Interestingly, my bike FTP is similar to my running FTP - above is the last 20 minutes of the Frozen Sole 5-miler, Race #1 a few weeks ago.