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Oh, What a Weekend

Team "Boys" and Team "Girls"
It was the 2nd Annual CMC Spring Duathlon on Saturday in Long Sault. A 2Km Run, plus 15Km Bike, and a 4Km Run to finish it off. Andrew and I ran it together, and Laura and Guylaine paired off. This was the first time either kid had done more than 5K in running in one event, yet alone the full 2-15-4 duathlon. They were definitely ready...

Me and Andrew split the race in 09:51 (2K run), 00:20 (T1), 30:36 (15K Bike*), 00:27 (T2), 20:52 (4K run) for a final time of 1:02:08. The ladies clocked in 5 minutes later with 1:07:26. Pretty impressive.

*Andrew pulled the whole way. I got to ride in the draft :-)

But - the duathlon was AFTER Saturday's master's swim, where a surprise workout included timed 100meters. Despite being tired from 1000m warm up, I was able to do the first 100 in 1:22... and then it just wasn't pretty after that.

the Boss
Sunday was scheduled for our 32K marathon training run, but it would have to wait until after Andrew's debut for the Wildcats. Number 81 made three key tackles at Corner Back including a huge play on a desperate 4th and 3 to deny a first down, putting the wildcats in prime Offensive field position for their next score (which cemented their decisive victory). I had the best vantage point for the entire game as "Popsicle Stick" guy, moving the sticks. (I probably ran 2K doing that).

So Sunday morning and early afternoon was spent on the sidelines in the baking hot sun - why not go for a 3 and a half hour run afterwards.... Check! 32K done and done. No problems, nice and easy. The cold beer at the finish line was deeelightful.

Let the Taper Begin! 3 weeks to go.

Which leads us to this interesting screen grab from McMillan calculator... (with some of my annotations in green)
3:40 or bust!