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Around the Rae - 30K

It was supposed to only be 16K this Sunday... but I was getting a little antsy... do I have it in me to go 30K right now -- could I hold some "speed". The 2nd Annual Cornwall Multisport Club, Around the Rae, club run was upon us. On the eve, I made the decision to take on the 30K challenge, in lieu of the 20K. A few emails back and forth with "Boston Wendy" and I was feeling good I would have some company for a "leisurely 5:50 to 6:00" pace. Well, it took us about 22-and-a-half kilometers before we "settled" into our goal pace. We were in the 5:30 range most of the day. A couple of "gel walks" and traffic lights finally brought our average up to 5:43. In total, 2:51:30 for 30K. Pretty good.

The run felt good. It was a good confidence booster. I wasn't sore afterwards or the day after either. I did have an unusual "twinge" in my left knee for the last kilometer - but subsequent 5K and 11K runs have me confident it wasn't anything too serious.