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4310 Steps

It was bloody cold today for my lunch time run: minus 2 windchill. A stark contrast from yesterday's record high of 19 degrees. I noticed the Terry Fox markings on the bike-path today were particularly bright - almost as if they were just re-painted. In an attempt to keep my mind from freezing over, I decided to count my steps between the 4K and 5K marker. My left foot went 431 steps between them. I would say, I was going about a regular 6 minute pace.

So, that means, my stride was 2.3 meters long (pretty long I think). In 5K I was turning over 2155 times. Counting the left and right leg, that's 4310 steps in 5K. Approximately 30 minutes, so 143 strides per minute.

Not sure if that's good or not, but that's what it was, and that's what I was thinking about today to avoid brain-freeze.

Here's a pretty picture measuring the wavelength of my footprints just because.